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Which Trainer Kite do you Buy?

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To The Point:

Buy the Biggest one (no bigger than 3m) that you can safely handle, and afford.

The Detailed Explanation:

What are the differences in Trainer Kite Features?

    Trainer kites are small, one-to-three meter kites.  Most trainer kites are two line, foil kites, that are steered with a control bar.  A two line trainer kite offers the experience of steering a kiteboarding kite, easily, safely, and inexpensively.  However, it doesn't offer the same features or capabilities of a non-trainer, kiteboarding kite.

    Small, four line, foil kites can be used for training and so can small, four line, inflatable kites.  Although more time consuming for step up, many offer a trim strap or sheeting strap which allows you to depower the kite slightly while in flight.  Four line foil kites have the ability to reverse relaunch with a tug on the center or brake lines.

    Both two and four line trainer kites should have safety systems, such as a one-line-leash/flagging point, or a brake line setup.

What Size Trainer Kite Should I get?

    Make sure you start in light winds, regardless of which kite you buy.  Trainer kites and trainer lines aren't meant for high winds and may get damaged, or break in winds over 20mph.

 Trainer Kites 



Pro Grande

Model / Size 

 Best 2 m

 Best 3 m

 XL Pro Model

 Good Choice For

Lighter Pilots

Moderate or Light Winds

2 Line Simplicity 

Heavier Pilots 

Lighter winds

2 Line Simplicity

Learning to Landboard

Heavier Pilots

Lighter Winds 

Advanced Tuning Adjustment

Learning to Landboard 

More Range

True Power Kite Experience


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Add Kite Surfing Instructional DVD

$199 free USA shipping

Add Kite Surfing Instructional DVD

$349 free USA shipping

Add Kite Surfing Instructional DVD


Best Trainer Kite

    Best Kiteboarding has developed a trainer kite that will allow anyone to get their foot in the door. Unlike other trainer kite brands, the Best Kiteboarding Trainer Kite has a little more size for the price, giving a pull that is much more similar to the larger inflatable kites that you will be using once you are ready to go out on the water. Not only is this kite great for learning the basics of kite control and kitesurfing, but it can also be used for landboarding or snowkiting as you advance in your learning! The Best Kiteboarding Trainer Kite comes complete with bar, lines, and safety leash.

Soft Cell construction:  Lightweight and durable construction, designed to take the beating that learners will likely dish out.

Internally reinforced construction:  Rip-stop sidewalls with cross venting, easy inflation, and great crash protection.

Two Line Bridle:  Simple two line control system, dedicated to learners of all ages.

Dyneema Line set:  High strength Dyneema flying lines deliver fast and accurate response to turning input.

Lightweight Bar Construction:  EVA foam wrapped control bar, comfortable to use with, even with gloved hands.


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