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Answers to Questions We've Gotten From Our Users

When will you have all the sections of the website completed?

     As soon as we can, but to some extent we will always be adding new things to the site as the kiteboarding industry changes and as our knowledge and experience changes.  We are experienced professionals, still working in the kiteboarding industry and we are adding to the site everyday, and every chance we get.  We add to different sections frequently, however, if you have a particular kiteboarding question that is currently unanswered on the site, let us know, and we may be able to accommodate your request by adding more information to a particular section, or by creating a new section altogether.

Why are trainer kites so much cheaper than the bigger kites?

     Trainer kites are very different, in many ways, than kites you would fly in the water or use for serious kiteboarding.  Materials, design, features, and quality control is what you are paying for in the non-trainer kites.  Trainer kites require less of these characteristics than non-trainer kitesurfing kites.

     There is a similar difference between a go-kart and a car.  It's only a couple thousand thousand dollars for a go-kart, but the cheapest car is many thousands.  You could drive to work or go to the grocery store with either one, so why such a cost difference. . . because they are totally different.  A go-kart doesn't have the safety standard or protection in a collision.  It doesn't have the conveniences that a car has, like a windshield and roof, air conditioning, or comfortable seat.  You can learn to drive a little bit using a go-kart, and it's surely a good transition into driving a car, but you can't take a road trip in a go-kart, well, maybe you could, but we wouldn't recommend it. . . .

What is the difference between a windsurfing harness and a kiteboarding harness?

     Kiteboarding harnesses are reinforced for the extra stresses that are involved in kiteboarding.  Kiteboarding harnesses always use stainless steel spreader bars for this reason; windsurfing harnesses sometimes use aluminum which may break under kiteboarding stress.  Because kiteboarding harnesses have extra reinforcement, they can be used for both sports.  However, using a windsurfing harness for kitesurfing will probably lead to your harness breaking within several serious sessions.  Some brands make harnesses for both sports, and as such, you may be able to cross over to kiteboarding with a windsurfing harness, if both designs of the brand are quite sturdy, but we wouldn't recommend it.  Bottom line, generally kiteboarding harnesses can be used for either sport, and windsurfing harnesses are only for windsurfing.