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Harness Designs

To The Point:

     There are several different types of harnesses, the most common are waist and seat harnesses.  Try all the harnesses you can, and pick the one you like best.

The Detailed Explanation:


     A waist harness is characterized by the cummerbund and spreader bar wrapping around the waist only.

Advantages:  Waist harnesses tend to be quicker to put on, cooler looking, and easy to fit.  The harness sits rather high on the waist, so the kiteboarder tends to be more balanced or bottom heavy when doing air maneuvers.  It's more comfortable for men who don't like straps between their legs.

Disadvantages: A waist harness puts more strain on the lower back.  It tends to "ride up" which allows the spreader bar to dig into the sternum of the kiteboarders chest. 



     A seat harness is characterized by the cumberbun and spreader bar wrapping abound the waist, but with the added feature of leg straps that keep the harness from "riding up."

Advantages: Has lower back support.  It doesn't ride up, so the kiteboarder has greater leverage to edge hard.  It's more comfortable for women who don't like the spreader bar "riding up" and digging into their chest.

Disadvantages:  Doesn't look as cool as a waist harness; it looks like a diaper.  It takes longer to put on.  When doing air maneuvers, the kiteboarder tends to be top heavy.


Seat Integreated Boardshorts

     Like a seat harness in that it doesn't ride up and keep the pull low.  Doesn't offer rear protection like many true seat harnesses do.  Also it doesn't look like a mega diaper. 



Strapless Seat

Advantages: It has all the same advantages as a regular seat harness, except that you can get into it as quickly and easily a a waist harness.

Disadvantages: Unknown.



     An impact harness is characterized by the cummerbund and spreader bar wrapping around the waist, but with the added feature of having the harness integrated into a vest of neoprene.

Advantages:  Minimizes impact/pain/damage when crashing.  Provides extra floatation without being as uncomfortable or cumbersome as life vest or pfd.

Disadvantages:  Tends to "ride up" even more than a standard waist harness.  It takes the longest to put on and size properly.  It's more expensive.



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