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Control Bar Designs

To The Point:

    There are many different control by designs out there.  Test them out, find the ones that have the most effective safety features and functionality for your personality, and buy those.

The Detailed Explanation:

Types of Bars

Chicken Loop Bar, or 1-to-1 Bar

     With a chicken loop bar, the kiteboarder has the ability to change the pitch angle of the kite by pushing the bar away, while they are hooked in.  This is the most common bar used.

Pulley Bar

    Pulley bars have one or more pulleys that make the kite turn faster.  Old style pulley bars, didn't have a chicken loop, only a fixed loop.  New style pulley bars usually have two pulleys and a chicken loop.

Chicken Loop Pulley Bar, or 2-to-1 Bar

    Has two or more pulleys on the bar as well as a chicken loop.  This type of bar makes the kite turn faster, as well as making the chicken loop depower the kite more quickly using the same pushing-the-bar-away range of motion as a regular chicken loop bar.

Fixed Bar

    Has no chicken loop or pulleys.  Has a fixed loop.  There is no hole in the center of the bar for a chicken loop line to run through, so the front lines may be tied directly to the center or they may be attached to a triangle shaped line which connects to the outside of the bar.

Bar Features

Trim Strap on Chicken loop

    Easy to reach, but when depowered, there is a long length of line hanging around your chicken loop.  The jam cleat used to hold the depower loop also wears out the chicken loop line and can take quite a bit of strength to adjust when it's jammed in hard.

Trim Strap on front line leaders

    Easy to adjust with little pressure, but difficult to reach.  Doesn't wear out your chicken loop line at all.  When depowered, the extra line stays away from your bar.

Outside/Back line OSR loops/flagging points

They tend to tangle a lot if you have to activate your flagging release.

Inside/Front line OSR loops/flagging points

     They tend to tangle your line much less, if you have to activate your flagging realease.

Outside/Back line length adjusters

    Nice to have if you don't like tuning your bar and re-stretching your lines.  Can be adjusted on the fly, but takes away some bar simplicity.

Stopper Ball with dual chicken loop lines

    Line wear is split between two chicken loop lines.  Nice to have if you like using a suicide leash connection point, but also want to have the kite depower.



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