Professional Kite Repair Print

Professionally Repairing Kites


Leading Edge

Whether the leading edge seem is the repair, or whether you have to open up the leading edge seam to get to the repair, when it comes time to close it up, you will want to reinforce it.  Never close up a leading edge seam without adding some extra tape to the inside, or you'll most likely have to redo the seam later.


First cut a 2 inch strip of rip stop nylon to the length of the opening, then into thirds the long way.  Usually there is already one piece of reinforcing tape already in place so we add a total of three more.  If there is no original tape then go for a total of four pieces, two for each side.


Stick the tape onto the inside, then zig-zag stich the tape on the inside edge on both sides.  Now cut double sided seem tape to length and stick it on one side.  After removing the backing on the double sided tape stick the two edges together be sure to stick them evenly so one side isn't stretched or bunched.


Now sew a straight stitch from end to end.  Cut a second piece of double sided tape and stick it on the very edge then remove backing and fold over about 1/4 in.  Then sew a second pass using straight stitch.

We have repaired kites for some time now have have come to use ripstop nylon rather than dacron.  For a tear, let's put one patch on the outside of the leading edge and 3 patches on the inside.  Try to get the patches placed on exactly the same position on both sides.  We are going to zig-zag sew a box around the patch edges and will only be able to see on side so making sure the patches on the under side are postioned right is critical.