Kiteboard Repair Print

Repairing a Kiteboard

Useful Materials for all kiteboard repairs:
rotary tool, sandpaper, quick drying Devcon epoxy, Suncure, knife, alcohol, paper towels, popsicle sticks

Damage to the structure of the board 

First make sure the board is dry by not using it for a day or two.  If you are in a rush, you can use paper towels and a hair dryer.

Use alcohol to clean the area, then use paper towels to make sure it's very dry.  If you are using wood pieces to joints or filler, clean them with alcohol also.

Sand the area vigorously.  For more seriously broken sections, use a rotory tool.  Use the rotary tool to cut off or cut out sections that can't reincorporated into the repair.

Use popsicle sticks as filler or connection joints between pieces that have been separated.

Reshape section using Suncure filler and/or regular Suncure in a shaded environment, or for smaller sections, by using epoxy layers.  When finished shaping with Suncure, expose the repair to the sun.  If using epoxy, let the epoxy cure.

Once hardened, sand it down again so that there is space for you to apply a final coat of epoxy.  Apply the final coat of epoxy and wait for it to cure.

Sand it down to a desired finish.


If the board has delaminted a great deal, it's either time to call the company to see if it's covered under warranty, or if you've had the board for a long time, it's just time to buy a new board.

There are two major ways to fix small delaminations.  

Attempt to relaminate it by putting epoxy into the part that has delaminated and applying pressure to both sides until the epoxy has dried.

Cutting off one side of the delamination and filling the missing portion with epoxy.