Re-glue a Valve on a Bladder Print

Inflatable Kite Bladder Valve Repair

Materials Needed to Repair the Bladder

Bowl, Hot Water

"Aqua Seal"  Urethane Repair Adhesive and Sealant

Stack of Phone books or something that weighs at least 7-10 lbs 

Two 6 in (12 cm) Pieces of PVC Pipe, one should be 1.5 in and the other 1 in. inside diameters or

Large Socket

Paper off the back of a sticker or wax paper 

PVC Cement (optional)  


Removing Valves

The best thing to do if one of your valves is leaking is to completely remove it.  To do this, you need some hot water, usually straight out of the faucet is hot enough.  Dip the valve into the hot water for 5 seconds and it should peel away easily.  If not, try a little hotter water, not so hot to burn you though.  If hot water doesn't work, then carefully cut it off and get a stick on replacement valve. 

Instructions for stick on valves.

Clean the valve area with alcohol thoroughly and allow to dry.

To be continued. . .

Instructions for non stick on valves 

Get the everything ready

Make sure the smaller pipe is big enough to slide over the valve stem all the way to the base.  Quickly Paint the outside of the smaller PVC pipe with cement, starting from one end and going up about 3 ins.   Then quickly insert it into the larger piece so the ends line up as perfect as possible, it should be a snug fit.  The after allowing the cement to dry, cut the joined pieces to 2.5 in (6 cm).  You can also use a large socket from your tool box as we did in the video.

Get the wax paper into the bladder.  Insert a 3 in by 3in piece of wax paper in through the hole in the bladder.  this will protect the underside of the bladder.  If a little glue seeps out you won't glue the bladder to itself. 

Clean the Underside of the Valve Base and Apply Glue 

Try to remove all the old adhesive then clean well with alcohol and allow to dry.  Once dry Apply the Aqua Seal glue in a continuous bead about 1/8 in thick and centered on the ring of the valve base.  Careful here as too much glue could ruin the bladder if it seeps out.  Also to little glue and the repair won't work.  

Place the valve and Press 

Now you will lay the bladder out on a nice flat surface that is out of the way as it has to sit overnight and you don't want to accidentally bump it.  Place the glued valve right back on the bladder where it was removed from.  Then carefully side the PVC press over the valve stem and put the weight on top.  Now just let it sit for twelve hours and the test it out.  If it didn't work you can still cut it off and buy the replacement stick on valve.  If it worked, its time to re-install the bladder.