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Railey To Blind

     A railey to blind is a railey that you land with your front hand behind your back; landing "blind."


     Unhooking mastery.  Load and pop mastery.  Surface handle pass mastery.  Railey mastery.  Riding blind proficiency.


To the Point:

     Unhook, do a railey, but as you come down to land, let go of your back hand, twist your front hand down to put the bar at the small of your back, and land with the tail of the board as the nose, with your weight over your original front foot.


The Detailed Explanation:

Step One:
Take off for a normal railey.

Step Two:
At the apex of the railey, as your feet and board start coming back toward the water, pull the bar to the thigh of your front leg, while bending at the waist and keeping your head low to the water.

Step Three:
Let go of your back hand, and twist the bar down with your front hand and reach around your back to find the bar.

Step Four:
Land with your weight over your toes, leaning forward, with your front hand behind your back, and the bar in a vertical position behind your back.

Step Five:
Grab the bar with your back hand and shift your weight back to your heelside edge.


Words of Wisdom:

     Don't be afraid to keep your kite low and really turn the bar behind your back before you land.  If your kite is high, you won't land it properly and you will torque your arm and unwind without being able to pass the handle.

     The railey doesn't have to be perfect, so concentrate on the pass first.  Once you get the pass, concentrate on making the railey clean.

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