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!Warning!  High risk of injury.

     Powered, horizontal kite loops, even when landed properly, will hurt.  This trick can be done hooked in or unhooked, but many won't consider it a"real" F16, unless it's unhooked.



      Low powered kite loop mastery.  Backroll mastery.  Knowledge that this trick has a high risk of injury.  Front rolls, 360s, advanced kite skills, etc. . . will all help bring success for this maneuver.


To the Point:

      Using a 10m or smaller kite, do a backroll, then halfway through, do a powered kiteloop, and continue pulling on the control bar with your back hand, using maximum steering.


The Detailed Explanation:

Step One:
Do a backroll.

Step Two:
Halfway through the backroll, steer the kite with your back hand using about 3/4 of the maximum steering of the control bar.  This should get the leading edge turning up and toward the other side of the wind, without the kite going to close to 12 o'clock.  The kite should trace a spiral shape that starts wider and gets more narrow as the kite rotates down through the power zone.

Step Three:
Continue pulling on the back side of the bar.  Load and pop off the water as the kite pulls you hard downwind and in to the air,  Don't panic, and continue pulling on the back side of the control bar using maximum steering.

Step Four:
Keep doing maximum steering using your back hand and swing your board back under your body, once the initial pull of the kite is over.

Step Five:
Get the board back under your body with the nose pointed directly downwind.  Keep pulling on your back hand until the leading edge is pointed back up toward 12 o'clock.


Words of Wisdom:

Really master low powered kiteloops first.  If you are a parent, over 30 years old, or over 185lbs, I wouldn't bother learning this trick.

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