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Dangle Handle Pass

!Warning!  High risk of injury. 

     It's highly recommended to have, or build, a high, upper body, strength-to-weight ratio, by working out your arm and back muscles.  The more you weigh, the harder this trick is.  If you are 150lbs or less, this trick won't be that hard.



     Unhooking mastery.  You must be able to easily lift your own body weight, easily enough to pull your body up, and kick your feet above your head.  It's not impossible to perform this trick if you are unable to lift your own weight, but it does make it much more difficult and it increases the risk of you hurting your shoulder rotator cuffs, even if you complete and land the trick.


To the Point:

     Unhook, jump, then pull the bar to one of your hips, pass the handle behind your back, get your other hand back on the bar, and land.


The Detailed Explanation:

Land Practice

     Rig up a "handle pass bar" somewhere and practice on that first. Hang an old control bar off the ground just above your head, so that when you are grabbing the bar from underneath, your arms are at 90 degree angles.

     All of these step happen very quickly.

Step One
With both hands on the bar, jump off the ground and pull the bar to one of your hips at the side of your body.

Step Two
Right before the bar actually hits your hip, start to twist the bar behind you with the hand that will pass the bar, and let go of the bar with the hand that will recieve the bar.  Continue pulling in toward the small of your back until the bar is behind your back.

Step Three:
Grab the bar with your other hand and let go with your previous hand.  You should unwind and come out of the pass automatically once you have completed the pass.

Step Four:
Before you unwind completely and are hanging from the bar, try to get both hands back on the bar.

Water Attempts

Step One:
Unhook and do a medium to small jump, hanging from the control bar.

Step Two:
As you are coming to the apex of your jump, aggressively pull in the bar to one side of your hips.

Step Three:
At the apex of your jump, and immediately after you have the bar at one of your hips, rotate the bar down and behind your back.

Step Four:
Grab the bar behind your back with your new hand, and let go with your old hand.

Step Five:
As you fall from your apex, concentrate on getting you old hand back on the bar before you are hanging from just one arm.

Step Six:
Grab the back with your old hand as your momentum from the aerial rotation unwinds you.

Step Seven:
Once you are hanging from the bar again with both hands, steer the kite back forward to come down for you landing.


Words of Wisdom:

     Make sure you are using a bow kite leash, instead of attaching your safety leash to a flagging point.

     Practice on land a lot.  Once you've completed the pass, get your old hand back on that bar quickly; this will aid your rotation as well as prevent you from having to let go from the pain of hanging on with one arm until you land.


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