Surface 180s Print

Surface 180 to Toeside and Back to Heelside

Surface 180's can be used for many things.  One of the more common uses is in transitions.

Boardstarts mastered.

Step One:
Ride at a controllable, slow speed, with a neutral edge.

Step Two:
Edge just a little harder, then start to bend your front leg while shifting your weight to your front leg.  This should start the board riding sideways.

Step Three:
Rotate your original back shoulder all the way around so it becomes your front shoulder, while shifting your weight over your toes.

Step Four:
Continue the momentum of the 180 by continuing to put more pressure on the original front leg, now your back leg, while tucking it under your hips.  Keep your weight over your toes.


Words of Wisdom:
Keep a little heel pressure while the board is sideways, so you don't catch your front edge.