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Butterslide Transitions

Butterslide transitions are transitions you should learn after learning how to stop, and after you have learned to boardstart in both directions.

Boardstart mastery.  Controlled stop proficiency.

To The Point:
Slow down to a stop, shift your weight to the other side of the board, bring the kite to 12 to complete your weight shift, then dive the kite to the other side of the wind window.

Step One:
Slow your speed to almost a dead stop by keeping the kite low, edging hard upwind, and pushing the bar away.  Forgetting to stop first is probably the most common mistake riders meke when attempting this type of transition.

Step Two:
Start to shift your weight to the center of the board and start to bring the kite up to 12 o'clock.  If you bring the kite up to 12 o'clock too fast, you will get lifted.  If you bring it up too slow, you will sink.  Bring it up to 12 at the proper speed, so you can shift your weight while stopped, and while the kite holds you on the surface.

Step Three:
With the kite at 12 o'clock, finish shifting your weight to your new back foot and point your new nose downwind at an angle.

Step Four:
Dive the kite down on the opposite side of the wind window.

Words of wisdom:
Don't move the kite before shifting your weight, and don't shift your weight before slowing down or stopping.  Move the kite slowly up to 12 and to the other side, otherwise, you may end up jumping without intending to.