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*Half S Turns™

Basic riding skills

Chances are that if you are riding, you have been doing some half S Turns by reflex to stay in control and not crash.  Now it's time to do them under control and deliberately.

Step one:
Get comfortable and balanced riding upwind, downwind, or side to the wind.

Step Two:
While balanced, flatten the board and rotate your shoulders downwind.  This should cause you to momentarily go downwind.  You should feel the board get a little slippery as it goes downwind.

Step Three:
After going downwind momentarily.  Rotate your body and board back to the original riding position.

Flat water helps a lot.  For those of you that have other boardsports experience already, "S Turns" are just ways to change your direction.  For those of you who don't have other boardsports experience, don't give up and let yourself crash just because it doesn't feel right.  You may crash a few times when the board slips out, or if you forget how to get back to the original riding position; that's totally normal.




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