Full S Turns™ Print

**Full S Turns™

Full S turns are simply bigger and more complete S Turns.

Basic riding skills

To the Point:
Carve downwind and upwind so you look like a surfer on a wave.

Step one:
Get comfortable and balanced riding upwind, downwind, or side to the wind.

Step Two:
While balanced, flatten the board and rotate your shoulders downwind, so the nose of the board points downwind.

Step Three:
Quickly put pressure on you toeside edge, before you lose too much speed.

Step Four:
Start to shift your weight back to your heelside edge, and at the same start rotating your shoulders and hips back toward your original riding position. 

Words of Wisdom:
Flat water helps a lot.  For those of you that have other boardsports experience already, "S Turns" are just ways to change your direction.  For those of you who don't have other boardsports experience, don't give up and let yourself crash just because it doesn't feel right.  You may crash a few times when the board slips out, or if you forget how to get back to the original riding position; that's totally normal.





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