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Front Rolls

Front rolls are much harder to learn than back rolls because you must change your momentum after your load and pop.

Load and pop mastery.

To the Point:
Load and pop, then throw your front ear down toward the toes of your back foot.

Step One:
Load and pop

Step Two:
As you release from the water, snap your head down with your front ear toward the toes of your back foot.  This movement will start to spin you.

Step Three:
Tuck your legs in to accelerate your rotation, and keep looking behind you as the water comes back into your view.

Step Four:
Start to straighten your legs as you touch the board to the water at a downwind angle.

Step Five:
Land flat on top of the board with it pointed downwind.

If you throw your head down more, your front roll will be more of a roll instead of a spin.