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Jumping Higher

Jumping higher is all about multiplying the effect of several options kiteboarders have to get into the air: sending the kite, loading and popping, and using a wave or kicker.  Snow kiters use these three in combination with riding off of a steep surface to get maximum hangtime.


Load and pop mastery.  Jumping proficiency.  Chop or wave riding proficiency.


To The Point:

Time your load and pop perfectly, with the kite at maximum speed at 12 o'clock, as you release from the top of a wave or kicker.


The Detailed Explanation:

Load and pop is what you should start with and master first.  Many people try to get higher in their jumps, but can't, because there load and pop is lacking, but they don't know it.  Master load and pop, so you can load and pop cleanly, more than 60 percent of the time, and least 3 feet high, minimum.

Step One:
Start to move your kite to 12 o'clock quickly.

Step Two:
As the kite accelerates to 12 o'clock, start to figure out and spot some chop to load and pop from.

Step Three:
Just before the kite reaches 12 o'clock, start to load your board.

Step Four:
Immediately when the kite reaches 12, and you feel your load as maximum, release and pop in to the air.


Words Of Wisdom:

The better your load and pop timing, the faster you kite moves to 12 o'clock, and the bigger the wave you launch from, the higher your jump will be.