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Low Powered, Vertical Kite Loops

     You can do these unhooked or hooked in.  They aren't too difficult, but timing is key.  If you loop too fast, it's going to hurt.  If you loop too slow it's going to hurt.  Actually, it's going to hurt anytime you're in the air and are looping your kite; it's just that some kiteloops hurt more than others. . . 

     That being said, low powered, vertical kite loops are fun to do, because you can tell all your friends you can do kiteloops, and you probably won't break yourself in half trying.



     Downloops mastered.


To the Point:

     Do a small jump, when you reach the top, pull on your back hand with maximum steering and keeping pulling until the kite's leading edge is pointed up at 12 o'clock.


The Detailed Explanation:

Step One:
Do a small sized jump.

Step Two:
Just after the apex of the jump, pull on your back hand and point your front hand side of the bar directly at the kite.

Step Three:
You will fall like a rock and hit pretty hard, so don't attempt this when you are higher than about 4 or 5 feet.

Step Four:
Keep pulling on your back hand as you hit the water.  Land flat and with the board pointed downwind.


Words of Wisdom:

    Stong winds and small kites help make this easier and hurt less.