Upwind Body Dragging Print

Retrieving the Kiteboard using the Directional Drag

Downwind body dragging

Upwind body dragging is very important for general mobility, and especially for kiteboard retrieval.

Step One:
Bring  the kite to 45 degrees on the side of the wind window in the direction you would like to travel.

Step Two:
Keep the kite still using your back hand on the control bar.

Step Three:
Put your front hand out in front of you, pointed downwind so you can feel yourself slicing through the water, using your front hand for direction and the rest of your body as a rudder.

Step Four:
Use your front hand to reach out in front of you, and roll a little on to your side, so you are body surfing with your front hand just slightly into the wind, at an angle.

Look at the angle of the control bar and put your arm about parallel to the control bar.  Don't put your front hand straight upwind; if you do, you will go downwind.

Try to find the angle where you can feel the water moving from your front hand, down your body, to your legs.  If it feels like the water is hitting your body all at the same time, then you are just creating drag and not slicing through the water.


Try practicing the position for the drag on land or in shallow water, as shown in the video below.