Playing the Piano™ Print

 **Playing the Piano™ 

By putting slight pressure on either the center, right or left side of the bar we can steer the kite with two hands.  We can also do this with one hand slowing walking our fingers right and left on the bar.  Think of the bar like an armrest, you don't want to pull you want to rest the weight of your arm on the bar.

Kite straight above and playing center piano. 
Not pulling the bar in... just resting the arm.

 Kite has drifted right,
so to correct a slight bit of pressure
is applied to the left side of the bar.

Kite has drifted slightly left pilot has
compensated by shifting to the right side
of piano and applying the slightest pull. 
Notice the soft pull as the hand isn't even
closed tightly around the bar. 
Maintain slight pull the kite should slowly
move back to 12 O'clock and hand moves
to center.








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