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**Drifting Recliner™

Keep your kite at 12 o’clock, but instead of standing on the bottom or floating in an upright position, you want to lie on your back as if you are sitting in a recliner.  As soon as you take your feet off the bottom, you will start to drift downwind as the kite slowly pulls you in that direction.  Paddle with your feet to keep yourself straight.  As you get better at this skill, you will need to be able to control the kite with one hand, so that later on, you will be able to grab the board with your free hand and put it on your feet.

The main goal for this is to stay squared up the kite with the bar between you and your board.  This is the position from which you will put your kiteboard onto your feet.  If you don't stay square you will end up sideways and then often times backwards to the kite.  The best thing to do if you start rotating away from square and can't paddle back, is to let go of the bar and right yourself vertical then you can use both hands to get square again.  If done quickly your kite will often times still be in the air.  If the kite does go down it will go down slow.  Often times people who drift backwards and don't let go of the bar end up looping their kite often getting thrown down wind ending with a major kite crash.  This is because when you drift around backwards holding the bar the bar ends up switched or 180 degrees from the correct position.  Now the kite appears to steer with opposite inputs, as you are backwards with and upside down view of the kite if you pull right the kite apears to go left.  Needless to say, triing to steer the kite with the control reversed is not easy and a good way to break the kite crashing it hard.  And worse if the kite does loop it can throw you hard and far.  Hopefully nothing gets hurt, besides your ego. 

Three methods for staying square with the Kite

Paddling or Kicking with Your Feet

By doing the frog kick with a harder kick on one side or the other you can rotate either way while floating on your back. 

Extending and dragging one leg or the other

In the normal position for the drifting recliner you have your knee bent and legs tucked in.  If you extend your right leg out to the side it creates drag on the right side and you rotate to the right.  Extend your left leg and you rotate to the left. 

Moving the Bar Right and Left 

Keeping the bar straight while pushing it to the left causes you to rotate right.  Push the bar right and you rotate left.








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