Constant Angle Steering™ Print

One Handed Steering for Directional Body Dragging and more

This steering technique is great for getting out to the water with your board, during the walk of shame, launching the kite and retrieving your board directional dragging. 

 The idea for this steering technique is very similar to Pinch of Salt™ except that here we will be holding on to the upper side of the bar with one hand only.  The upper side of the bar corresponds with the upper most line going to the upper most wingtip.  By keeping slight tension on the upper side of the bar, with small corrections, we can practice and master parking the kite at 10:30 and 1:30 or 45 degrees off the water on either side.  Remember small movements!  Check out the video below. 

Initial launch of the kite is another time to use this technique as it is ideal to have the second hand on the safety release ready to pull it in case something is wrong.  Until your kite is in the air flying stable you are never sure that everything is as it should be.  If something is amiss at the launch you may not have time to find the release and pull it as things happen very quickly.  having your hand on the release and ready shorten your reaction time allowing you to hit the release as quickly as possible. 

Walk of shame is a good use of constant angle steering as you fly the kite one handed the other hand carries the board. 





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