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How to Slow Down or Stop While Kiteboarding

The goal is to slow down and / or drop back in to the water start position, ready to do another waterstart. 

Kite Technique

Where are the breaks!  You have just got up on the board and rode away, so you figured out how how to go.  Next step is how to stop.  The controlled stop is done by bringing the kite slowly up to the 12 o'clock position.  Remember that you are trying to slow down, so don't pull the bar all the way in, rather use armrest mode.  As the kite slowly approaches 12 o'clock the angle of it pull begins to become more upward and less forward.  The forward pull of the kite is what moves you forward, so by reducing the forward pull you will begin to slow down.  The big key here is to bring your kite up SLOWLY, very slowly.

Body Position

Try to stay leaning back against the kite as you slowly bring it the up.  If you bring the kite up too fast the kite may pull you out of correct body position or even off the water.  The more you stay back the faster you will slow down. 

Board Work

If you are able to stay in the correct position you will be able to edge, the harder you edge the quicker you slow down.