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Board Offs

     Board offs can be very fun, but if you land with only one foot in a footstrap, there is a very !high risk of injury!


     Jumping mastery.


To the Point:

     Jump and as you reach the apex of your jump, grab the back of your board, take your back foot out, then put it back in.


The Detailed Explanation:


     Sitting on the ground with the board on your feet.  Take the board off and put it back on as fast as you can.  Continue doing this until you can do it comfortably without looking at the board, and without thinking about it much.

     Set up a control bar with a chicken loop, hanging from a tree or other object.  With your harness on, board on your feet, hanging from the bar, practice the board offs.


One Footer:

     It's probably the easiest to start with because you only take one foot out instead of both.  It's easiest to take your back foot out, so you can keep your front hand on the control bar.


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