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Air Judo / Kung Fu

     When done correctly, this trick looks really scary to bystanders watching.  Also, if done correctly, it should be scary for you too.



Unhooking mastery.  Advanced jumping mastery.


To the Point:

     Do a high, unhooked jump, where you bring the kite very far to the other side of the window, then let go of your back hand.  Bring the kite back forward quickly with perfect timing to land softly.


The Detailed Explanation:

Step One:
Unhook, and move your front hand to the center of the bar, with just a little bit of you hand closer to the left side of the bar.

Step Two:
Jump by sending the kite very far to the opposite side of the window.  This will swing you into the air very rapidly and strongly.

Step Three:
Let go of your back hand and hang on tightly with your front.

Step Four:
As the kite starts to come back forward because of the little bit of pressure on the front hand side of the bar, grab the bar again with both hands and get that kite back above you, and then in front of you, before you hit hard.


Words of Wisdom:

     First, practice high, horizontal jumps by sending the kite far over to the other side of the wind window.  Practice with small, faster turning kites.


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