540's, 720's, and Beyond Print

Multiple Spins

     Multiple Spins are really fun and they don't have a lot of consequences if you don't land them.  Show off and do something complicated without risking much.



     Back and/or front 360s mastered.


To the Point:

     Start by doing a front or back 360, but throw your weight harder as you leave the water.  Spin around as many times as you want, then land with your board pointed downwind, as usual.


The Detailed Explanation:

Step One:
Jump, but there is no need to jump very high.

Step Two:
As you leave the water, throw your weight harder than normal to spin more.

Step Three:
Lift your legs and bend your knees as you release from the water, this will help you spin much faster.

Step Four:
Straighten your legs a bit to slow your rotation and cushion for landing.


Words of Wisdom:

     Don't jump high to start with.  Concentrate on the spin more than height, since it's safer when learning, to spin fast and low, than slow and high.  Don't panic part way through several spins just because you don't know where you are.  Do not think about crashing, or generally, you will.