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     Unhooking is easy, doing it in combination with some tricks, can be harder.

     While unhooked, you have a greater range of body motion.  This allows you fling and stretch you body in all sorts of fun ways that will typically look cooler and feel cooler than doing the same tricks while hooked in.



Unhooked, safety system understanding and mastery.


To the Point:

Pull out your donkey dick, pull the bar to your stomach with both hands, and the chicken loop should come unhooked by itself.


The Detailed Explanation:

Step One:
Pull your donkey dick out of your spreader bar while you're riding.

Step Two:
Pull the bar in with both hands and the chicken loop will fall out of your spreader bar.

Step Three:
To hook back in:  Move your hands close to the center of the bar and let go with one hand.  Quickly grab the chickenloop and pull it back to your spreader bar.


Words of Wisdom:

     Don't worry so much about the bar, concentrate on getting the chicken loop hooked back in.  Actually, letting go of the bar makes it pretty easy, as long as your are hanging on to your chicken loop



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