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     A railey is a fun and basic wakestyle trick.  After loading and popping, the rider flings their board behind them and above their head.



     Unhooking mastery.  Proficient load and pop.


To The Point:

     Do a giant load and pop to get off of the water, but instead of stopping the momentum when you pop away from the kite, continue that energy, with the board, off the water and behind you.


The Detailed Explanation:

Step One:
Keeping your kite still, load and Pop off the water, but instead of redirecting the nose of the board back downwind for the landing, continue the load and pop away and behind you, while keeping your shoulders square to your direction of movement.

Step Two:
Continue to arch the board behind you, almost so the board hits you in the back of the head.  This should be at the zenith of your load and pop.

Step Three:
After the zenith of your load and pop, swing the board back down under your feet for your landing, which should be at a downwind angle.


Words Of Wisdom:

     Unhooking can make this trick easier.  If you are hooked in, pulling the bar in on your landing can sometimes make the landing softer.


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