Tantrum Print


     A Tantrum is a front roll, with only your front hand on the control bar and your back hand on the opposite side of your body, creating a T shape with your arms and chest.  A front 360, with only your front hand on the control bar, may, or may not be considered a tantrum, depending on your spectators.


     Should be able to land front rolls or front 360s.  Should be able to ride with only one hand on the bar.


To the Point:

     Do a clean front roll, but let go of your back hand.


The Detailed Explanation:

Step One:
Start by doing a front roll with a bit of extra power in it.

Step Two:
Immediately after tucking your head forward and releasing from the water, release your back had from the bar, and throw your back hand with your back arm, open, as if you were going to hug someone, but do it with momentum.  Immediately follow your hand and arm with your head, by looking over your back shoulder at your back hand, which should be stretched out behind you.

Step Three:
Keep your arms and legs straight, like a snow angel in the air.  The look of the trick prevents you from being able to tuck your knees in for a faster rotation, so no knee tucking.  That's why you need the extra power from the beginning.  You can always cheat by tucking your knees in part way though, if you don't think you will make it around, but that will make the trick a one handed front roll.

Step Four:
Just before your board hits the water, bring your hand back to the bar.  Land with your knees slightly bend and your board pointed downwind at 45 degrees.


Words Of Wisdom:

Make sure to throw in that extra bit of power in the beginning; if you don't, you'll feel a little less confidant when you can't tuck your knees in for the extra rotational speed.